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Next-Gen Advisors (2-7 years) often lack the support needed to break out of the Bullpen and into the Big Leagues. You don't need to be in that statistic.

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More Than Coaching - A Way of Life!

Every day we have a choice. Do we go left, right, or simply tread water? Even the lack of a decision is a decision, and therein lies the challenge. Most of us do not understand how we make decisions, and many fall short of their potential because of it. Will you?

You should understand that Q4 is not just another self-help strategy jumping in line, telling you what you need to do. Q4 uniquely focuses on the psychology of change, not stale or regurgitated sales practices. By discovering who you are intrinsically Q4 trains your mind to make daily decisions that catapult your business and your life by magnifying your strengths. Contrast this to programs that are all about modifying your behaviors and micro-managing your challenges.

The truth is the traditional way of making changes by focusing on our behaviors is hard, and frankly, we do not like to do it.

(I’m thinking to myself now about my last diet…yikes again).

Even if we can pull traditional change off for a little while, it is almost impossible to sustain because it is not intrinsic or authentic to who we are at our core.

(Ever read a book or attend a conference excited about new best practices that find their way into a drawer and ultimately into the trash months later?)

After all, an apple tree will not produce peaches no matter how many books, conferences, or coaches it has around it.

Not Another Guru?!

We all know that this world has no shortage of sales “guru’s” waiting in line to sell you their newest book or fancy program for building a better business.

(If you are like me, you have probably read many of these, and some are quite good).

The problem is, in the end, even with great intentions, you will likely fall back into your old ways, your authentic ways, and when you do, you are not only no better off and maybe a little frustrated or disappointed, but your also our real money, and many programs I’ve seen cost hundreds or thousands a month! Yikes!

Now, if you are already super wealthy STOP here, and consider one of those programs...

…but if you are a next-gen superstar (rising financial advisor or planner in the first 2-7 years) chances are you are still building a nest egg and reinvesting most of your hard-earned dollars back into your bottom line.

If so, then Q4 is specifically for you!

Frankly, even if you could afford more expensive coaching, I am not entirely sure it’s all it cracks up to be. Think about this, even with all this advice floating around the average advisor in my state of Florida, according to, is only $42,000 a year. (as of 2020)

However, the best in the field are earning hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars for similar work, and so could you.

It’s your choice.

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On the Phone

Free Introductory Consultation

You've got everything to gain.

Like you, we are in the relationship business. We know that not everyone is in a place in their career to benefit from our consulting. So we encourage you to call.

We believe that for a relationship to be successful both parties should benefit.

We are excited to learn more about your situation and personal aspirations.  Similarly, we are sure that you understandably want to know more about our coaching process.

From this call, we should both have a better understanding of whether or not we can REALLY MOVE THE NEEDLE.

If your even curious, set up a call.

Q4 Private Coaching & Mentoring

1-on-1 Transformational Coaching

This is our staple Mentoring program for transforming practices and lives of financial professionals like you.

Centered on on the Q4 coaching model found in our book, "4 Secrets For Transforming Your Business and Your Life," we blend the (psychology of transformation with the best practices of nearly 20 years of building successful practices.

Learn to drown out the noise and get better focused on the 4 core area of your business as you create sustainable muscle memory for a lifetime of growth and achievement.

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Self-Paced Virtual Program

Immediate Download and self-paced Virtual Coaching

So, you are ready to grow, but not sure if your ready to fully invest into your business. Then Virtual Coaching is exactly right for you.

For a fraction of the cost you get instant access to your eWorkbook with a proven path to follow including a a years’ worth of training materials that you can work through at your pace.

The journey also includes;

  • 180-Day Mind Transformation for making your business exciting, effective, and scalable.

  • Participation in the relationship mapping exercise for getting High Quality Referrals

  • Insider tips for writing compelling vision statements that attract the right holistic clients to you like a moth to a flame

For less than the cost of one new A-client you could be leaving your old self, and your peers, in the dust as you take your business to new heights - quickly.


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Client Testimonials

Straight From the Source

"I feel like my eyes have been opened to a better way and life! Thank you!”

Christina L. - Business Consultant and Advisor

"I work with agencies all over the country and your approach, is truly genius!"

Misty G. - National Sales Director

"Wow, I am amazed that most of the industry has not figured out what you are teaching here."

David H. Owner / Financial Planner


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