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Welcome to the Q4 Kai-Zen Challenge
  • Are you committed to business growth?

  • Are you ready to make this year a breakout year?

If So, Keep Reading!!!!

Thanks to our generous sponsors we are offering:

25 x $3,000 grants

For Qualified Owner / Operator Entrepreneurs to experience massive growth through a proven process.


Led by a dedicated coach and backed by internationally recognized best practices with more than 20 + years of experience.





Thank you Concierge Service Group!


Everyone wins!


If you are accepted you automatically receive 90 days of coaching, a dedicated coach, and access to all of our best resources, including the weekly peer class full of best practices for real world results. Valued at $3,000 but worth thousands, if not hundreds of thousands more.



Top 3 companies based on documented revenue gains during the contest will win an additional 270 days of coaching for free for a full year of coaching. Valued at $12,000,  and worth thousands, if not hundreds of thousands more.


What is Kai Zen?

Kaizen is a Japanese term drawn from the word “Kai”  which means " continuous" and “Zen” meaning "improvement" or "wisdom.”


Taken together Kai Zen means continuous improvement for the better.


Kai Zen was discovering in America when business leaders went to Japan to rebuild after the World War. What they got instead was a lesson in business efficiency. Lessons that drive business best practices such as six sigma to this day.

The 5 founding elements include:


  • Teamwork – relationships are everything. At Q4 we focus on 3 proprietary strategies including, pinnacle process, relationship mapping, and Joint Ventures.


  • Personal discipline – accountability can be a reward or a punishment depending on how you set up your processes. At Q4 we teach a motivating process for environmental accountability that takes away the perceived pressure of reactive goal setting often attached to personal accountability.


  • Improved morale – Moral increases using our model because the process becomes much clearer for the whole team, setbacks are anticipated and received better, and there are ewer consequences, less time consuming “fires to put out.”


  • Quality circles – no company is an island and the better we learn to build teams where each member complements the others the faster we can synergize. Often 1+1+1+1 – 10 or more. We follow a process for team building known as FBGM (Finder / Binder / Grinder / Minder) that helps companies build rapid growth teams laser focused on clear KPI’s.


  • Suggestions for improvement – are made by the team for the team using a 4-part process for vision casting and strategic alignment. We call this Q4 and this is the magic behind good companies who have become great.

What is the Kai Zen Challenge?


This challenge is about getting serious about applying strategies to your company for rapid profit acceleration. At Q4 we focus on continuous improvement for small business owners by teaching strategies that quickly connect coordination gaps and creating repeatable processes for profit acceleration.


We know that as small business owners, it can be overwhelming trying to find time in the day to work on your business, when you are business working in it.   It can also be a challenge trying to determine what areas to focus most of your attention given limited resources. That’s why we have refined our repeatable process over the last 20+ years to help companies like yours define and refine the 20% of your activities responsible for 80% of your revenue.

Could you benefit from?


  • A Confidential Business Interview and Profitability Assessment – highlighting areas where you might be losing revenue in five crucial areas of your business areas (Leads, conversions, Multiple Sales, Pricing Models, Margins)


  • Jumpstart-12 Strategy Snapshot - offering 12 customized strategies for your company to find profits almost immediately without spending a dime.


  • Free 52-week Roadmap - to your personalized profit acceleration.


  • Online Dynamic Guided Business Coaching  - weekly exercises, worksheets, and accountability to help you actualize your full potential.


  • A Marketing Treasure Chest – Access to 100’s of turnkey proven marketing strategies for print, online, radio, b2b, b2c and more.


  • Weekly Small Group Coaching – meet with pers weekly for best practices, and coach facilitated tips and tricks for timely growth.

If this sounds like you apply today to be considered for our next Guided Group Quest!

Who Are We Looking For?


We are now accepting application for the next 25 pace-setting small business owners who meet the following requirements.


  • At least 2 or more employees

  • At least 3 years in business with greater than 250,000 in revenue

  • Must have the capacity to take on and service new clients

  • Must be hungry and willing to dedicate 3-6 hours a week to work on your business working with a coach and a dedicated peer group towards rapid profit acceleration.


If this is you complete this short online application now today to be considered.


The first 25 approved applicants win the spot.

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